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Ko te Wharau Atawhai Tangata ki Te Weiti


The Hibiscus Men's Shed (HMS) was first founded in 2015. The organisation has progressed in numbers and daily participants to a membership of 80 financial members and going on two hundred persons receiving our monthly emailed Newsletters.
HMS is a member of the New Zealand national body, MENZSHED. NZ. INC

Under the Chairmanship of Maurice Browning and supported by enthusiastic trustee members the 'Shed' has encouraged a harmonious atmosphere while completing many various community projects.

The legal entity of the HMS is an Incorporated Charitable Trust as defined by the deeds of Charitable organisations as laid down by New Zealand Government decree.

Incorporated Society 2628193


Registered Charity CC53197



The present address of our premises is,
12 Hibiscus Coast Highway

New Zealand


Maurice Browning
027 279 0179



Andy Kramer
021 220 6020



Ken Cook

09 427 9106


Hibiscus Mens Shed shall be shown as HMS in the following content of 1. 12.

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  7. The Providers reserve the right to revise, amend, alter or delete any content without user responsibility or penalty.

  8. The HMS website has links to other unrelated websites that pertains to the HMS business model. HMS accepts no responsibility whatsoever for other third party websites containing information and/or accuracy of same.

  9. Third party supporter advertisements as found on the HMS website remains the responsibility of the said identified advertiser. HMS accepts no respnsibility for accuracy of such site.

  10. This website belongs to, and owned in all its format by the Charitable Trust of HMS.

  11. HMS is careful and precise to include only factual and true information in all pages of the website. If any errors or omissions are notified to HMS then HMS shall remedy in a timely manner.

  12. No photos or any printed information is to be copied, downloaded or in any way copied, printed or loaded to any device without the express written permission of the Hibiscus Men's Shed.

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