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Ko te Wharau Atawhai Tangata ki Te Weiti


The Hibiscus Men's Shed is a community-based Charitable Trust organisation that is accessible and welcoming to all local residents who wish to involve in a safe friendly environment. Retired persons or those with time on their hands and wishing to extend their community involvement then we, at the 'shed' open our door to you. Our shed is fully equipped with woodworking, metalworking and electronic equipment allowing us to complete tasks helping other organisations and community in general.
It is a common thought amongst people that we need to leave this world in a better, cleaner, environmentally improved state, improving the life of those that follow. This is very evident when we consider our grandchildren, our neighbour's children and indeed their children that will, in turn, follow them.

With this thought, it is our, the 'Sheds', philosophy to immerse our future in environmental issues and take the pathway to improvement.


Forming friendships, forming partnerships, networking, is one method to work together with other organisations to contribute to this global cause. There are many environmental groups, charitable organisations and individuals working for the common cause throughout New Zealand and surrounding island, we applaud them all. The Hibiscus Men's Shed is just one small group situated on the Whangaparaoa Peninsular caring for the greater Hibiscus Coast area with our esteemed partners. There are many like us around NZ doing their bit as well. 

Within the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park are over fifty islands, in the gulf, some with rare species of bird and ground-dwelling wildlife, some islands designated as Reserves and all with a focus on preservation. The Whangaparaoa Penisula, an urban area with native bush reserves covers an area of over 3100 ha. A hard-fought battle is established to not just control but eradicate the predators that have for years caused the destruction of our native species.

Forest and Bird, NZ along with the Department of Conservation have an active eradication programme in place which even in the early stages are showing positive results. Our partnership with Forest and Bird NZ and Auckland City Council extends to making Tracking Tunnels and Traps of all descriptions and sizes as specified by the appropriate authority.

There are fifty species of native bird recorded on the Hibiscus Coast of which forty percent are classified as at risk. This project run by Forest and Bird along with Massey University, actively record bird numbers and changes to the populations which this early stage shows an increase in numbers and an increase in visiting birds not normally seen in the area.

Jenny Hanwell, Project Manager for Forest and Bird NZ quoted that the efforts of all concerned including volunteers with the support of the Men's Shed has witnessed an increase in bird and ground-dwelling species within the peninsula and forest corridor to the west coast.

The Hibiscus Men's Shed is honoured to partner these extremely worthwhile causes and in some small way leaving a footprint better than we found it,

We are indebted to Forest and Bird, Department of Conservation and Auckland City Council for their support given to the Hibiscus Men's Shed.

🐝 Auckland City Council
🐝 Shore Birds Trust
🐝 Pest Free Hibiscus Coast
🐝 Islands of the Gulf
🐝 Atui Regional Park
🐝 Forest Bridge Trust
🐝 NZ Forest and Bird

This New Zealand wide Charitable organisation has and is involved in many national conservation issues for the past many years, long before it became a national call to arms. NZF&B is the largest independent conservation organisation in New Zealand. First established in 1923 under the banner of Native Bird Protection Society by Captain Ernest Sanderson. It was this man's enthusiasm for the environment that soon led to public awareness and voluntary help.

Today many small organisations and charities belong to this homegroup, all doing invaluable work in restoring the world as it was. The was a cry of "protecting wildlife and wild places on land and in the sea" was the Captain's philosophy.

Bringing communities together
Noho Tahitanga

🌿How do we, as members of the Hibiscus Men's Shed, help in these conservation initiatives?

Simply put, we as a collective of community-minded individuals, manufacturing various designs of feral traps and breeding houses for those native species we endeavour to protect. These are then supplied to conservation and individual groups for placement in the appropriate protected and residential areas. These are some of the designs that leave our shed.









The Hibiscus Men's Shed Charitable Trust supports conservation by using only recycled stationary in our office and brochure printing.
Where possible we use recycled timber for our product manufacturing.


Now more than ever we need to understand the role of kaitiakitanga (guardianship) to protect and restore our natural environment.

Whether it's planting native trees, trapping pests, protecting out water and air or educating the next generation, we can all be environmental heroes and create a more sustainable future.

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