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Ko te Wharau Atawhai Tangata ki Te Weiti


Bringing Communities Together

Noho Tahitanga


Remember, we are only friends you've not yet met

Address: 12 Hibiscus Coast Highway

Chairman: Maurice Browning,

Vice Chairman: Geoff Leigh,

Secretary: Andy Kramer,

Or simply call in and say hi, share a coffee and meet the people, you are most welcome.
☕ 👨‍🦳

Shed Open Days
Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
9 am to 12.30 pm
These days and times will be extended as membership grows and particularly when we occupy our new building.

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In the best interests of maintaining a harmonious and safe workplace for all members to enjoy we all realise that rules and policy must have their place. These rules are not designed to be restrictive or negative to any male, female or any ethnicity.

  1. All persons must undergo training on all machinery by a designated tutor prior to any solo use of same.

  2. The workroom (where machinery operates) must be kept and maintained in a clean operative way. All floor debris removed.

  3. No alcohol or illicit drugs are to be bought onto the premises and/or consumed.

  4. The building and surrounds are designated 'No Smoking/Vaping'

  5. As much as we all enjoy good conversation some topics are off-limits. No discussion of politics, religion or any subject not conducive to maintaining a harmonious workplace.

  6. No property in the ownership of the HMS is to be removed from the premises without the prior approval of the Chairman or other trustee member.

  7. No children are allowed on the premises while the machine shop is in operation.

  8. In the event of machinery/building or chattel, malfunction, breakdown, disrepair or any unsafe description shall be reported immediately to the Safety Officer on duty.

  9. Any person found to be operating machinery in an unsafe method, even unknowingly, shall at the discretion of the Safety Officer, receive further training.

  10. At days end it is the responsibility of all attending members to clean and tidy all work areas as part of our Health and Safety policy.


Either email enquiry to: Secretary,

Or call to our premises between 9 am and 12.30 pm, Monday to Friday.

12 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Silverdale

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