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🥧 🥧 🥧 Cooking Up a Recipe 🍪 🍪 🍪

This page is dedicated to recipes of health and goodness while relatively simple and quick to make.

However, healthy eating is one thing, enjoying the taste is another. Enjoy.

There might be just two of you, or as many are, living alone. We look for recipes that have few ingredients, not complicated but nutritious, and most that can be reheated tomorrow. There is nothing more annoying than buying a multitude of different ingredients, just to use them once or twice and then dispose of at their expiry.

If you have one of those 'secret' recipes or one that mother used to make, let us know, if possible we will add it to this page.

We have just three categories...........MAINS......SIDE DISHES.....SWEETS

Tips 💡

When buying your weekly groceries it is often found that for one or two people the quantity is in excess of your immediate needs.

Bread 🍞

Keep a previous bread bag handy or a large zip-loc bag, halve the new loaf and freeze the excess. When this is required, remove and thaw at room temperature and then pop into the oven for five to ten minutes at 170deg c.

Milk 🥛

Milk can be frozen for later use. Milk will expand when frozen so be sure to leave room in the container when freezing. On removal, thaw either in the fridge or soak in cold water. Do not refreeze.

Temperature ♨️

In New Zealand, we use degrees Celcius particularly in our cookery books, whereas many overseas countries use the Fahrenheit heat scale.

Here's the equation to convert from F to C.

Simply take the F number, minus 30 and halve, eg. 350F -30 =320 and halve = 160 C. This is a little on the cooler but safer side. For accuracy use a calculator as follows, eg. F-32 = divide by 1.8000 = Celcius.

Safety First 🚨

Before retiring for the night, always check the power is OFF to all appliances. Leave nothing to chance.

Cooking is easy, cooking is fun

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