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Ko te Wharau Atawhai Tangata ki Te Weiti

Woodworking Tips and Bits 🔨 🔨 🔨 🔨 🔨 🔨

Perhaps we all can hammer a nail or saw a piece of timber, some of us better than others. These pages are dedicated to supporting and mentoring the Shed members to improve their woodworking and carpentry skills.

At any time however there are Shed members ready to help, just ask, it's never a problem.

Finding angles

There are two angles described, Acute angle and Obtuse Angle.

Acute angles are those of 90 deg or less. Eg. right angle or less.

Obtuse angles are those of 91 deg or more. Eg. more than right angle.


When setting your drop saw or template the following will help you find the angle of cut.

Acute Angles.

Equation: (A). say 110 deg angle

110 divide by 2 = 55.

90 minus 55 = 35 deg on saw cut.


(B) 180 minus 110 deg =70

70 divide 2 = 35 deg on saw cut

Obtuse Angles.

Equation: (A). say 135 deg angle

135 divide by 2 = 67.5

90 minus 67.5 = 22.5 deg on saw cut.


(B) 180 minus 135 deg =45

45 divide 2 = 22.5 deg on saw cut

The following videos give practical advice on learning and improving your carpentry and cabinet making skills.

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