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Ko te Wharau Atawhai Tangata ki Te Weiti


The Hibiscus Mens Shed is a community based organisation that is accessible and welcoming to all local residents, men and women alike, who wish to involve in a safe and friendly environment. Membership is open to all, regardless of your past working life and skills. Our members arrive from all walks of life bringing talents, experience and good conversation to all.


Members are able to work on meaningful community projects at their own pace, in their own time, in the company of other like-minded people. Not just community projects but also their own personal projects extending their knowledge and skill base.
Conservation and wild life protection is very much part of our daily activities manufacturing humane traps for rodents, weta breeding houses and bird feeders. Environmental protection not just for us but for those that follow.
The Men's Shed is a place of encouragement for all to take an interest in their own health and well-being. Sometimes, just to be able to chat about health concerns to other interested and sympathetic ears can greatly assist in personal well-being. Good health is paramount to us all, the Men's Shed gives a person that safe atmosphere of old-fashioned friendship and fellowship, all with no pressure but understanding.


Being a member does not mean you have to learn the tools within our workshop, many other things will keep you occupied and interested acknowledging your valuable contribution to your membership team. Should you wish to learn the safe use of the machinery and tools we have a program of designated tutors to train and supervise your safe use of these. This programme is in place for obvious safety reasons regardless of the members past experience.
Although a Charitable Trust, we also believe in helping other charitable trusts in need.


We are also supportive of various community establishments e.i. schools, colleges, clubs, including Orewa College where we offer services in the woodworking and metalworking facilities.

During your day at the 'Shed' you will strike up friendships and find the wealth of talent and knowledge that not only others bring, but you yourself bring to the shed community. Every member is an important integral part of the overall success of the Shed. There are no management layers, no hierarchical ladder, no A, B or C lists of importance. Equality is the ingredient that allows the Shed its success, both personally and community.
We do acknowledge the valuable importance and contribution the Trustees and management make to establish and steer the Shed into the future.


During these last six years we have raised funds to secure our new building on the ‘old bowling club’ grounds behind Bunnings, Silverdale. This site is situated on the Memorial Park allocated to us by the Auckland City Council. Resource Consent and Planning Approval took some time to process due to the usual formalities by which time we received the funding required to progress on our pathway, all be it to the shell lock-up stage. From this part completion we looked for further funding for the internal fit-out prior to our occupation. This new build gives the Hibiscus Mens Shed a place to call our own in a quite central location. The purpose built design allows the Shed setup to be more conducive to the day to day operation giving members the floor space and room to go about their projects. The Shed has an operating certificate for 45 'sheddies' at any one time. Most Sheds, including ours, is open for operation four days per week, but with our new premises we are currently open five mornings a week.
These larger premises, in excess of 450m2 allows our membership to grow with space and modern facilities.


With the demographic shift of retirees into the greater Whangaparaoa/Orewa/Silverdale areas makes the larger designed building more suitable to our needs of working floor space.
Most importantly is the inclusion of the 'lunch room' where friendly chat and a cuppa is the norm.
The facility, although primarily consisting of workshops for woodworking and metal working, also has a substantial meeting/lunch room/activities room, suitable for Community Groups other than the Hibiscus Men's Shed. Also within the structure is an area for hobby-work as well as IT/Electronic work.

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On the dawn of the 15th January 2020, the first sod was turned on our new site.

On a clear cool morning the site was blessed by the local Te Herenga Waka Orewa Marae, Kaumatua (chief) Kereama Nathan performing the hakawaata (prayer). This prayer is to bless the land, clear away the old energies and bring in new energies for the site and endeavours to flourish.

As the dawn grew light a karakia (prayer, consecrating the land) was solemnly observed as the first sod was turned welcoming the dawn of another day.

  • To provide a forum and physical location where members can regularly assemble to share skills and network with other members, with the primary purpose of supporting and enhancing their personal well being and health.

  • To provide a venue for members to meet regularly in a relaxed, happy and creative space in an environment where members can feel useful and contribute to their community.

  • To draw on the collective knowledge and skills of the membership in order to support community-based projects

  • To care for and look after our environment for future generations.


We are an enthusiastic and very active group of men (women have the opportunity to membership on an equal basis). To date, there are 88 paid up members and over two hundred on our mailing list. Use of the Men's Shed will be limited to members only, so why not join us and be part of this exciting new building venture. Give yourself the opportunity to come and visit us and enjoy your new found friends.
Members arrive with many differing talents and experiences, it is not unusual to see engineers, builders, chefs, accountants, IT professionals, Pilots, clerical, business owners, all sharing knowledge and ideas. A great place to be a part of.


We are indebted to the many companies, organisations and private contributors that have to date, supported the Men's Shed with either donations, services, tools and machinery. We are very thankful for this support allowing us to better the lives of members and the greater community as a whole.
We believe by showing our thanks publicly on our website and literature to those supporting companies and organisations will act in some way to acknowledge their generosity.
The Men's Shed is a Charitable Trust working for the betterment of the community and members alike. All donations either monetary, equipment or in any way you can help is very gratefully accepted.

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