Join Us

During your day at the 'Shed' you will strike up friendships and find the wealth of talent and knowledge that not only others bring, but you yourself bring to the shed community.

Every member is an important integral part of the overall success of the Shed. There are no management layers, no hierarchical ladder, no A, B or C lists of importance. Equality is the ingredient that allows the Shed its success, both personally and community.

We are an enthusiastic and very active group. To date, there are 100+ paid up members, with a waiting list of 50+, and over 200 on our mailing list.

Use of the Men's Shed is limited to members only, so why not join us and be part of this exciting new building venture. Give yourself the opportunity to come and visit us and enjoy your new found friends.

Members arrive with many differing talents and experiences, it is not unusual to see engineers, builders, chefs, accountants, IT professionals, Pilots, clerical, business owners, all sharing knowledge and ideas.

All new members must be approved by the Board of Trustees. We currently admit up to 5 new members per month

Being a member does not mean you have to learn the tools within our workshop, there are many other jobs that can keep you occupied and interested acknowledging your valuable contribution to your membership team.

Should you wish to learn the safe use of the machinery and tools we have a program of designated tutors to train and supervise your in safe use of our equipment. This program is in place for obvious safety reasons regardless of the members past experience.

If you are interested in joining please contact us and we will be in touch. Also feel free to come and visit us at the Shed and see if it's right for you.